Mexican Ceramic Figurine Man Leaning on Cane 2 Fish Collectible Folk Art Mexico

$ 44.99
Ceramic Figurine Leaning on Cane, Standing on Two Fish Pedestal.
  • This great looking figurine is 14 3/4" tall
  •  It is 8 3/4" across at the shoulders. 
  • The waist 14 1/4" in circumference.
  •  The arms extend out 4 1/2".
  • The square face is 4 1/2" wide and 5 1/4" high.
  • This figurine is a reproduction of a hunchback found in Jalisco, Mexico.   
  • He is standing on a pedestal or base, made of 2 fish, whose bodies unite to form a U.
  • Deformed creatures seem to have had a special significance in relation to divinity.
  • The fish can be  explained due to the closeness to the lakes and seacoast.
  • The designs on the face may be tattoos or he is possibly an old man. The hump is so close to nature in it's rendering that the deformed spinal column is clearly visible.
  • He could also be a hiker.
  • This is a great addition for a collector or a great piece of art for your home.

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