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Mexican Catrina Clay Figurine Bobble Head Hnd Made/Painted Day of The Dead

$ 49.49
  • Absolutely whimsical Bobble Head Catrina!!

  • This Catrina is 12 3/4" tall.
  • 7" wide ( from elbow to elbow).
  • The base is about 4" wide.

  • The clay figurine is wearing a purple dress with yellow bottom.
  • The boa is purple with red glitter glued on to it.
    Since these are all hand made, the Catrina's are all different.
  • The artisan has signed the Catrina
  • Great addition to any collector of Mexican folk art or skeletons.
  • Since these are all hand made, the Catrina's are all different.   
La Catrina as we know her originated with Jose Guadalupe Posada, considered the father of Mexican printmaking. Born in 1852, he apprenticed to a local print maker and publisher when he was just 14.  His famous black and white drawings depict the absurdity of taking life, and power-mad dictators like Porfirio Diaz, too seriously.

Posada's lyrical and theatrical political cartoons have delighted people throughout Mexico for more than a century and, because of their timeless expressive quality, many of the images continue to be published worldwide. "La Catrina," a skeletal woman fancifully dressed in a plumed floral bonnet, is among his most famous esqueleto.  He also wanted people to know that even the rich die as any commoner.

The skeleton figures in Posada's work all live a life of their own, actively pursuing the Revolution, or out for a bicycle ride, while dressed for a fancy ball, making them synonymous with the Day of the Dead.

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