Mexican Black Pottery Ceramic Face Mescal/Tequila/Tea Shot Glasses 4 Handmade

$ 42.99
  • Mescal/Tequila Shot glasses.

  • Tall- 2"
  • Wide- 1 3/4"

  • These great mescal or tequila or tea ceramic cups are led free.
  • Mr. Fabian makes these wonderful pieces in his shop in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Please note the iridescent look on some of the cups.

  • The exterior of the piece is raw, unglazed porcelain which has been sanded multiple times to create a soft, supple surface creating a lovely tactile experience. The interior is glazed clear to keep it completely functional and food safe. Hand washing is recommended, although item is dishwasher safe. Lead Free.

  • The cups are all hand made and will not be exactly alike. We try to put the same colors alike.

  • What a great conversation set or an awesome gift for anyone special. Just add the bottle of Mezcal, tequila or your favorite teas.

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