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Mayan Ceramic Pregnant Figurine Museum Quality Signed

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Fine Art, Museum Quality Ceramic Reproduction Figurine of Mayan Woman.

3" wide and 4 3/4" tall.

Signed by Master artist Patricia Martin Morales... both in Mayan dialect and in Spanish.

Family of Artists


Family portrait of the artists

For more than thirty years, the Yucatec Maya family of Martín Julián Magaña Negrón and Patricia Martín Morales has been focused on the process of making high-quality Classic Period reproductions of Maya art. Parents, sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, and brothers and sisters have collaborated to nurture a family of artists that has reached high levels of achievement in the reproduction of the varied artistic expressions of their Maya ancestors. Today, Julián and Patricia’s sons, Julián Román and Adrián, are the direct inheritors of the ancient knowledge that their parents and other family members animate through a labor of love dedicated to the preservation of their culture.

Born and based in Muna,Yucatán, in southern Mexico, the family of artists works in a beautiful outdoor setting surrounded by plants and flowers and the singing of native birds. Each member of the family has a specialty–Julián throws the ceramic vases on a foot-operated wheel, their sons Julían and Adrián create the beautiful Jaina figurines by hand, Patricia’s brother Rodrigo Martín Morales sculpts, and Patricia paints the intricate designs that tell the story of the lives and rituals of an ancient Maya past.

The family also creates high-quality reproductions of Maya art in wood, stone, and jade. The pieces made by these artists are exhibited in museums in Mexico, such as the Museum of the City of Campeche, and in international venues including the De Young Museum in San Francisco, California, USA.

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