Lg Ceramic/Pottery Horizontal Fruit/Bread Dish Folk Art J. G. Hernandez Cano

$ 99.99
  • Beautiful Hand-Thrown Mexican

  • Height- 4"
  • Length- 16 1/2"
  • Wide- 6 1/2"

  • Jose Guadalupe Hernandez-Cano is an award and renowned ceramicist.
  • Guadalupe is part of Hernandez Cano family who have produced signature pieces since the 1815.
  • This gorgeous horizontal ceramic dish can be used as a fruit or a bread dish.

  • The piece is decorated with Pre Hispanic symbols. The middle of the piece has a Pre Hispanic snake.
  • This piece was painted in the negative style and is incised on the outside.

  • We have had the privilege of visiting their work shop in their workshop in a town called Zinapécuaro.
  • Jose Guadalupe has hand painted symbols of the Chupícuaro culture.

  • Chupícuaro is an important Pre-Hispanic archaeological site from the late Pre-Classical or formative period. The culture that takes its name from the site dates to 400 BC to 200 AD, or alternatively 500 BC to 300 AD., although some academics suggest an origin as early as 800 BC.


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