Large Ceramic Oval Mermaid Platter Master Potter Angelica Morales Mexican Art

$ 174.99
Large Oval Mermaid Ceramic Platter

Length- 16"
Height- 2"
Width- 12 3/4"

Angelica Morales Gamez is an award winning potter who sells her pottery in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

All her pieces are hand made and hand painted by Angelica.
She lives Tzintzantzun,on the shores of Lake Pasquaro.
She is from the state of Michoacan, Mexico.
This piece shows a mermaid holding a half moon.

Her pieces are rustic and are sought after by collectors throughout the world.

This lovely platter can be displayed in any part of your home or as a gift for someone special..

Angelica Morales Gámez and her brother, Manuel Morales Gámez, and sister, Leticia Morales Gámez, follow in the footsteps of their mother Doña Ofelia Gámez in producing black/biege and white ceramics. Angelica has been working at her craft for over 18 years and is the fourth generation of her family to continue making black and white pottery.
Angelica lives and works in a small town in Michoacán where she creates old-style Tzintzuntzan pottery with pleasing, simple decorations in manganese black over a background of kaolin white and glazed, these days, with a lead free glaze.
Angelica is an award winning potter and is well known throughout Mexico, Europe and the United States.

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