Large Ceramic Bowl/Spoon Mexican Mauricio Martinez Blue Flowers

$ 54.99
  • Beautiful Colorful Mexican Ceramic Bowl

  • Measurements

  • Tall- 4 3/4"
  • Tall/Deep- 3 1/2" (without feet)
  • Wide- 9 1/2"
  • Spoon- 11 1/2" Long 2 1/2" wide

  • Mauricio is an award winning ceramist who had the honor of making the ceramic Key to the City of Morelia, Mexico, which was presented to to Pope Francis on his visit to Mexico.

  • Capula, a town near Morelia, produces a glazed ware that has become popular recently, and is now one of the most commonly found in popular fine arts stores in Mexico.
  • It typically has a painted design of small, formalized flowers made up of round dot petals painted in white slip on the natural red of the clay, then fired with a clear glaze.
  • Mauricio fine ceramics are also sold in the USA and Europe.

  • The flowers may be limited to a band or applied lavishly over the entire piece. The latter is frequently done with casseroles and flower pots. Forms include vases, dishes, casseroles and flower pots.
  • This large bowl was hand painted with many rows of Blue colors and is lead free.

  • Beautiful addition to your Kitchen, home or as a special gift.

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