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Huge Vintage Wood Mask 70's Mexican Hand Made/Painted

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  • Very large Vintage Hanging Decorative Wood Mask Face from Mexico. 
  • The artisan carved a hippopotamus, two lizards and an alligator with a mans head in its mouth.
  • 13" height.
  • 8 3/4" wide.
  • 19" Length.
  • The vintage mask belonged to a lady who traveled throughout Mexico in the 60's- 1970's.
  • This is a vintage wooden Mexican ceremonial dance mask.
  • It is originally from Guerrero, Mexico
  • The mask was hand carved from one piece of wood and hand painted by hand.
  • The colors are still vivid.
  • These masks and sculptures were used as part of traditional dance ceremonies used to pray for fertility, farming, and protection of the community, a tradition extending back thousands of years and a well-established part of ritual life in Mexico when the Spanish arrived. Performances typically took place on saints' feast days, Carnival, and civic holidays, with dances, parades, and mock battles. Themes include Christians and Moors, Cortes and Spanish soldiers vs. Aztecs and other indigenous groups, priests, angels, devils, wild animals, mermaids, fishing, and agriculture. Notable dances include the Tres Potencias (Three Powers), Siete Vicios (Seven Vices), and Los Ocho Locos (The Eight Fools), which grew out of morality plays introduced by Spanish missionaries, where a war between good and evil is acted out with masked characters.
  • This is a large unique and a wonderful piece of Mexican folk art.
  • Gorgeous for your home, as a gift or an office.
  • More photos are available at your request.

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