Ceramic Sculpture Whale Mexican Fine Folk Art Roberto Sosme Fiscal

$ 474.99

  • Huge Wonderful Mexican Whale Sculpture
  • Height- 13 1/2"
  • Width- 9"
  • Long- 34"
  • Opening- 4 1/2"
  • This amazing sculpture was made by Master Potter Roberto Sosme Fiscal.
  • The whale was hand made with incised fishes and Pre-Hispanic symbols.
  • The whale was made with negative painting.
  • It is an ancient process of decorative painting marked by application of wax or gum to parts of a surface and by application of color to the entire surface and by subsequent removal of the wax or gum so as to leave a pattern created by the parts of the surface thus left unpainted.
  • This whale is a lovely blue color. The blackish color is made while in the kiln.
  • The black color looks darker in the photos.
  • We bring the the best of Mexican fine ceramic art for you to enjoy in your home, office or as a very special gift.
  • We will ship and pack the whale with extreme care and insure it

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