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Huge 3 Piece Ceramic/Pottery Pineapple Mexican Folk Art Collectible Handmade

$ 1,100.99
  • Huge Beautiful Pineapple.

  • Total Height- 56"
  • Wide/Diameter- 19"

  • Pedestal Only
  • Tall- 20 1/2"
  • Diameter- 10"
  • Pineapple Body
  • Tall- 23"
  • Diameter- 19"
  • Fruit Crown/Top
  • Tall- 14"
  • Diameter- 9"

  • This glazed clay pineapple was proudly made in San José de Gracia, Michoacán, México. They come in all shapes and sizes. The colorful finishing is achieved by using metallic oxides mixed with the enamel, followed by careful baking in a traditional oven.
  • This gorgeous pineapple took

  • This stunning pineapple is huge and is all hand made. The details are incredible!

  • Each leaf is hand made and hand applied. There are small pineapples on the bottom of the stand.
  • The outer part of the pineapple has hundreds of small ceramic pieces attached to the body by hand, giving a realist look.
  • Imagine the time and patience it takes to achieve. This gorgeous pineapple took over a month to make.

  • The pineapple can be put anywhere in your home or even outside in your yard.

  • There have been some damage to the pineapple, the pedestal was broken in half. it has been repaired.
  • One of the small pineapples was repaired. Please see all photos before buying. We have priced the pineapple to reflect the damage.

  • We will take extreme care to pack, ship and insure your pineapple.

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