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Day of the Dead Pinata Mex Folk Art Celeste Blue NAJACO Lupita Ceramic Doll

Day of the Dead Pinata Mex Folk Art Celeste Blue NAJACO Lupita Ceramic Doll

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  • Day of the Dead "Lupita" Najaco Ceramic Doll With Traditional Star Piñata, Celeste Blue Skirt.

  • Tall- 11 1/2"
  • Wide- 4" (Shoulder to shoulder).
  • Base- 6 3/4" x 4 1/4"(at the base).

  • This "Day of the Dead" ceramic doll is made by the Arana family in Tonala, Mexico.
  • The doll/figurine is carrying a colorful traditional Star Piñata.
  • The skirt is painted a lovely celeste blue color showing boys swinging at a Piñata.

  • She has two pony tails on the back of her head, along with flowers in her hair.
  • When the Spanish conquered America they realized that the indigenous population had a similar tradition. The Aztecs would fill a clay jar with offerings and decorate it with colorful feathers. They would break the jug in celebration of the Aztec God of War Huitzilopochtli.
    When the piñatas were broken the treasures would fall on to the god’s feet as an offering. Similarly, the Mayans played a game in which the player’s eyes were covered while hitting a suspended clay pot by a string. Thus, the Spanish missionaries used this pre-existing tradition to instill a religious conversion.

  • Lupita or Lupito is a typical name in Mexico, thus the name Lupita/Lupito was given to each figurine.
  • The family proudly manufactures each figurine and are painted by hand.
  • Najaco dolls are created in Tonalá, Jalisco. In 1992, the family was looking for a way to depict Mexican people doing daily chores (especially women) while in their typical outfits.
  • This folk art is full of colored detail. Each doll is molded, afterward each figurine is hand painted by artisans.

  • Please note: these figurines are individually hand made & painted and will have slight variations one to another.
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