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Ceramic Serpent&Stand Vessel Museum Quality Hndmade/Painted Mayan Repro Mexico

$ 191.88
  • Museum Quality Ceramic Mayan Mystical Serpent with Stand Creature.
  • Beautiful Reproduction from the workshop that makes the pieces shown in Museums worldwide.
  • Measurements:
  • 5 3/4" tall (with stand).
  • 8 1/2" (including head of Serpent) tall.
  • 8 1/2" long.
  • 5" wide/diameter.
  • Patricia Martin Morales has signed her name both in the Mayan dialect and in Spanish.
  • For more than thirty years, the family has been creating museum-quality reproductions of Maya art from the Classic Period (250-900 CE) of their culture. The family's  unique processes result in beautiful hand-crafted ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, stucco bas relief, and other artistic expressions of the ancient Maya.  As experienced artists, they bring to life the exquisite creativity and skills of their ancestors.
  • The art produced at the Los Ceibos – ARTE MAYA studio includes functional, ritual, and sculptural ceramic pieces faithfully reproduced from traditional, ancient styles of the Maya Classic Period (250-900 CE). Everything is made by hand using ancestral techniques. The clay is gathered from the mountains near Palenque, Chiapas. The semi-gloss finish is achieved by rubbing the carefully prepared surfaces with quartz stones. The colors are authentic–the result of natural pigments produced at the studio using locally-gathered oxides.
  • Inspiration for their work comes from their Maya heritage, the land, and myriad scholarly reference books that crowd the studio’s bookshelves, including the full collection of Justin Kerr’s Maya Vase books and Painting the Maya Universe: Royal Ceramics of the Classic Period (Duke University Museum of Art) by Dorie Reents-Budet.
  • A side by side comparison of Los Ceibos – ARTE MAYA reproductions with the originals fools the eye of visitors to the studio, leaving them at a loss to discern the difference. The work of of Patricia Martin Morales and her family are recognized internationally for its consistent quality and beauty – a reflection of the talent and skill of the artists as well as the creative genius of their Maya ancestors.

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