Ceramic Seated Warrior with Deer Figurine Mexican Fine Art Jonathan Rex

$ 474.99
  • It is our privilege to introduce Mexican ceramist and award winning Jonathan Reyes "Rex" Tovar.

  • Jonathan is an extremely talented potter/ceramist who has been awarded over 30 awards and reconditions through out Mexico and even in Sochi, Russia as part of Viva Mexico 2015.

  • His extraordinary works of art are found in museums and private collectors homes.
  • All his pieces are one of a kind.

  • Height- 21 1/2"
  • Wide- 8"
  • Deep- 5 1/2"

  • In this series of works, Jonathan's statues or figurines characters are inspired by the Wixarujas (Huichol) who live in the state of Jalisco and other neighboring states. Some important elements within cosmovision are the deer, the eagle, the peyote and the corn.

  • These pieces have in common the cosmovision of the death and the underworld in pre-Hispanic Mexican culture, the jaguar, an important element for Mesoamerican peoples, represents the night, the sun, by its passage during the night.

  • The western pillars represent the merging of cultures in time, the books, the knowledge and the history that is being written, the owl represents the night, mysticism, and the Deer or Mahjrah in Huichol symbolize Kayumahli, the spirit guide.

  • In this case, the statue shows a strong and proud pre Hispanic male warrior, seated on a pedestal, along with an Owl siting on a Cactus, a Strong Deer and bag of Corn at his feet.
  • He has a magnificent hat with ceramic horns and feathers.
  • A cactus and peyote buttons complete the design.
  • All the details are amazing!

  • Johnathan has added a bronze plaque with his name inscribed into it.
  • The clay used is from Tlaquepacque and Tonala, there are two types of clay, the white clay (which is really a light gray) and the black clay (which is a dark gray).

  • Beautiful light coffee colored clay from Guanajuato, fine white clay from the Old Mine and heat resistant yellow clay, which causes the figurines to be strong and sturdy are also used to create these amazing statures.

  • We are able to send you Jonathan's complete biography if requested.

  • We will pack your statue with extreme care and it will be insured.

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