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Ceramic Round Vase/Jar Mexican Folk Art Fernando Solis Luna Color Wash

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  • Wonderful Round tripod Ceramic Vase/Jar

  • Measurements
  • Wide/diameter- 11-3/4"
  • Height- 7-1/4"

  • This amazing decorative vessel was made in Tonala, Mexico by Master Ceramist Fernando Solis Luna.
  • The vessel/vase has multi sized dots and circles through out the vase.
  • He has color washed the beautiful vase/jar to give that special look.`
  • Master and award winning Martin Solis Hernández was born and raised in Zinapécuaro, Michoacán — he passed away in 2022. His son, Fernando Solis Luna, continued his father’s legacy by continuing to make utilitarian and decorative objects out of clay.
  • Fernando and other family members work together in their workshopTaller Solis Hernández. His love of creating objects out of clay is readily apparent as he describes working with his corazon (heart), utilizing his own imagination, creativity and intelligence.
  • The technique that Fernando uses is pre-Hispanic — bruñido al negativo, esgrafiado bajo relieve or el decorativo en positive. Barro bruñido (burnished clay) is a kind of pottery that has been polished into a bright, fine sheen. Creating this effect requires the use of different tools such as a wood or stone polisher or even a corncob. The piece is massaged, rubbed and caressed until it shines.
  • Homemade kilns made of adobe and red bricks are used to fire their work at a “medium” temperature and wood is used as fuel.
  • Each piece is painstakingly burnished by hand prior to the final firing.

  • What a wonderful addition for your home, office or as a gift for someone special.

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