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Ceramic Replica Mayan Poison Bottle w Man Mexican Folk Art Collectible Signed

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  • Beautiful Mayan Figurine.

  • Tall- 4 1/4"
  • Length- 8
  • Wide- 3"

  • This gorgeous figurine is a replica of a figurine found in one of the archeological site. The figurine is made of clay found in the surrounding areas.
  • The figurine is a crocodile birthing a Mayan warrior.
  • The colors are a beautiful bluish/turquoise/green color.

  • Patricia is Mayan craftswoman in Muna, Yucatán.

  • The art produced at the Los Ceibos – ARTE MAYA studio includes functional, ritual, and sculptural ceramic pieces faithfully reproduced from traditional, ancient styles of the Maya Classic Period (250-900 CE). Everything is made by hand using ancestral techniques. The clay is gathered from the mountains near Palenque, Chiapas. The semi-gloss finish is achieved by rubbing the carefully prepared surfaces with quartz stones. The colors are authentic–the result of natural pigments produced at the studio using locally-gathered oxides.

  • The work of Patricia Martin Morales and her family are recognized internationally for its consistent quality and beauty – a reflection of the talent and skill of the artists as well as the creative genius of their Maya ancestors.
  • Patricia signs all her ceramics both in Spanish and in Mayan.

  • Crocodiles in Mayan astrology symbolize new beginnings. Water is a key element for the Crocodile sign and also symbolizes the birth process and motherhood. It is the first sign and every other signs will follow it. It is the beginning catalyst of creation.

  • The crocodile goes hand in hand with psychic abilities, other worlds and dimensions. Imix represents communication with the other world or other side of reality.

  • Imix also represents collaboration, with one side working together with the other in cooperation. On the opposing side of the imix you have resentment, envy, and malice. Like the water of the ocean this Mayan Day sign has emotions that run deep.

  • This wonderful figurine will make a wonderful addition to your home, office or as a gift for some one special.
  • We will make sure your figurine is extremely well packed and insured.

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