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Ceramic/Pottery Hanging Pinata Mexican Folk Art Decor Collectible Hand Made #2

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  • Colorful Ceramic Hanging Pinata

  • Total Length of Pinata- 20"
  • Large Pinata
  • Height- 6"
  • Wide- 8"
  • Small Pinatas
  • Height- 2 1/2"
  • Wide- 2"

  • This colorful ceramic pinata was made Tlalpujahua, Mexico.

  • This "Pueblo Majico" or "Magical Town" is located in the pine and spruce forests of Michoacan.
  • The Mexican artisans hand molded and hand paint each pinata.
  • The artisans also include bright foil ribbons at the end of each cone.
  • Wonderful inside or outside decor.
  • To celebrate the birthday of the Aztec god of war, Huitzilopochtli, priests placed a clay pot on a pole in the temple at year’s end. Colorful feathers adorned the richly decorated pot, filled with tiny treasures.
  • When it was broken with a stick or club, the treasures fell to the feet of the god’s image as an offering.

  • The Mayans, great lovers of sport, also played a game where the player’s eyes were covered while hitting a clay pot suspended by string.

  • At the beginning of the 14th century the Spanish missionaries to North America used the piñata to attract converts to their ceremonies.
  • However the indigenous peoples already had a similar tradition.
  • The missionaries ingeniously transformed these games for religious instruction. They covered the traditional pot with colored paper, giving it an extraordinary, perhaps fearful appearance.

  • The original & traditional piñata has seven points symbolizing the seven deadly sins: envy, sloth, gluttony, greed, lust, anger/wrath, and pride. The ten pointed piñata symbolizes the sins that come from breaking the Ten Commandments.

  • When they knocked the figure hard with sticks of various colors, seeds spilled forth.
  • The remains were then burned and people gathered the ashes to bring good luck throughout the year.

  • Now the pinatas are used for fun, especially during parties and celebrations.

  • What a great gift to yourself or someone special.

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