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Ceramic Figurine Madonna/Mary Mexican Folk Art Signed Estela Aguilar Stars

$ 89.99
  • Mother Mary by Estela Aguilar.

  • Measurements
  • Height- 12" (including stars)
  • Wide- 5"
  • Depth- 3 1/2"
  • This exceptional ceramic Mother Mary or Madonna was made by Estella Aguilar, granddaughter of Josefina Aguilar, the internationally known potter from Oaxaca.
  • Estela has continued to follow the steps of not only her grandmother Josefina, but of all the Aguilar sisters.

  • Estela has created this beautiful Madonna with bright colors. She then added a bouquet of gold glittery flowers.
  • Estela added glittery designs on the Madonna's neck, on the front of her gown and stars protruding from her head.

  • Begin your collection or continue to add to the Aguilar tradition in your home.

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