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Mexican Ceramic Cross Fernando Jimon Melchor Handmade #2

$ 59.99
  • Hanging Ceramic Cross from Mexico
  • This gorgeous cross is 11" tall.
  • It is 6 1/2" wide.  
  • The depth is 3/4".                                                                        
  • The colors are bright and hand painted.
  • This wonderful hand crafted by Fernando Jimon Melchor.
  • Born in November 18, 1971, Fernando is considered a Master of the burnished and flag (Bandera or Tri-colored) clay techniques.  The artist and wife Maria Elena have consolidated concepts and techniques of traditional and contemporary work in their pieces.
  • His great control of the brush is clearly shown in his decoration that goes from geometrical designs to traditional figurative scenes.  His work range in size from miniature to very large.  They amaze for the clarity of their visually expressed ideas, technical high quality and beauty.
  • His work is collected throughout the world and displayed in many museums.

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