Ceramic Armadillo Bowl w Face Mexican Fine Art Décor Collectible Master Ceramist

$ 129.99
  • Gorgeous iridescent Medium Sized Bowl

  • Measurements
  • Diameters- 10 1/2"
  • The Armadillos-
  • Long- 7"
  • Wide- 1 3/4"

  • "The wealth of our people lives on in their traditions, which was inherited from us the knowledge of the land" Coatlicue Workshop, founded by teacher Ana María.

  • Alarzón"Coatlicue, whose name means "Serpent Skirt," was the Earth goddess of life and death in the Aztec mythology.

  • This amazing bowl was made by master ceramist Ana Martinez of the famous Taller Arte Coatlicue in Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca.
  • Ana's ceramics are found in museums, galleries and private collectors homes in Mexico and different parts of the world.

  • This amazing bowl has two hand made armadillos as handles.
  • The armadillos are iridescent with lovely details.

  • The whole bowl is iridescent.
  • Various enamels with an iridescent-nacreous finish and metallic reflection were applied to the stoneware to generate a vibrant skin that would constantly change with natural light and the environment. A vitrification and metal deposition process were designed through successive applications of enamels and firings.

  • The bowl is lead free.

  • Imagine such a an amazing bowl to have in your home, office or as a very special gift to someone special.

  • We will make sure your vase is extremely well packed and is insured.
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