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Bronze Sculpture/Marble Stand Mexico Fine Art Collectible Dario Serrano Signed #

$ 1,224.99
  • Measurements
  • Tall- 15 1/2" (bust and stand)
  • Tall- 9 2/4" (bust only)
  • Wide- 4"
  • Deep- 5"
  • Stand- 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • Weight- 17 pounds

  • This wonderful and expressive bust of a young man was made by fine art artist Darian Serrano.
  • The bust is on a hollow marble base.
  • Dario has signed the bust and is numbered 1/10 (One of Ten).

  • Dario's studio is located in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Surrounded by his creations and his students, the workplace is always buzzing with creativity and excitement.

  • Darío Serrano (Mexico, 1988), is a plastic artist born in Metepec, State of Mexico. As a child, Dario developed a passion for art. Derived from the culture in his place of origin and social nuclei, he always had knowledge and approach to clay, thus leading him in his youth to reflect on the material and looking for a medium through which to express himself, that you can see his talent in each of his works.

  • Darío, a graduate of fine arts, embarked on his path to his goals and dreams. Dario says that sculpture allows him to reach that three-dimensionality of the incredible, the most real way of capturing all those lived and transmuted experiences, some in the process and others still in that retention that are seen in the strength and power of the work.

  • Dario is a reflective and analytical soul, he sees the background of the world and everyday life, always being observant even in the smallest and simplest things to get from there a deep analysis to capture, where the nobility of the clay and the professionalism of its pieces give you a window directly from these ephemeral and immeasurable moments that we call life.

  • He currently resides in Guadalajara. his sculpture is motivated by current social phenomena.

  • What an amazing piece of Mexican fine art for your collection or as a special gift.

  • We will make sure your piece is extremely well packed and insured.

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