Black Clay/Ceramic/Pottery Woman Bust Mexican Fine Folk Art Master Ceramicist

$ 599.99
  • Museum Quality Fine Art Ceramic Bust Sculpture

  • Measurements
  • Height- 14"
  • Wide- 12"
  • Thick- 6"

  • This incredible black clay bust by Don Miguel is a dark black although it looks much lighter in the photo.
  • The bust is an amazing piece of art which took weeks to make.
  • It is a beautiful woman head with a traditional head piece made of the same black clay.

  • Miguel Fabian was born in 1951 to a 5th generation barro negro ceramicist.
  • Currently, Miguel and her daughter are known for being two of the best black clay masters and having one of the best traditional workshops in the backyard of their house following their family tradition.

  • Needing to know more of his Oaxacan culture, Miguel studied archeology to be able to better understand his ancestors, which has helped him create unique masterpieces with ancient costumes representing traditional black clay carving.

  • Don Miguel signs all his pieces, including this gorgeous piece of art.
  • His ceramics are found in museums, special collectors home and galleries throughout the world.
  • The last two photos are Miguel now and Miguel as a little boy (on the left side of photo) with his grandparents and parents.

  • Great gift for your home, office or for someone special.
  • We will pack the bust extremely careful and insure it.

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