Vintage Mexican Painting Original Frame Folk Art Mexico #3

$ 179.99 $ 221.99
  •  Large Amazing and Original Vintage Painting from Mexico.
  • The painting itself is 11" in diameter.
  • The painting with the frame is 18" square.
  • The painting is painted on a cardboard.
  • The glass in the original frame has been painted red and gold, making this a unique and fun frame. 
  • The frame is original but you can remove the painting and use another frame.
  • I am not sure what kind of paint was used, although, it's possible it might be tempura, watercolor or vegetable/mineral made paints.
  • These paintings are rare and are in excellent condition even though they were made between 1930's-1950. Vintage Craft Mexican Art - Hand Painted Mexican man selling fruit by a cactus.
  •  I am not sure if this is 1930's,40's or 1950s...though this style does go back to the 1930s and was quite popular.

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