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Antique Mexican Ceramic Water Vessel Rare

$ 89.99
  • Beautiful Antique Mexican Ceramic Vase/Vessel.
  • The height of the vessel is almost 6" tall.
  •  The openings of the vessel are 3/4".
  • The vessel is 5" at it's widest.
  • There is a handle in the middle of the vessel.
  • This vessel was made in the 1930"s,  making this unique piece 85 years old.
  • This lovely vase has a hand painted house on one side and a rabbit and cactus on the other side. 
  • The colors are still vibrant. The vessel was not burnished.
  • This is a special piece of pottery because it has survived for all these years with just a few nicks.
  • Wonderful for any collector of lovely vintage collectables or a beautiful addition to any home.

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