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Wood Box/Retablo w Christ/Cross Mexican Folk Art Collectible Religious Décor New

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  • Box/Retablo with Jesus/Christ on the cross.

  • Measurements:
  • Height- 16 1/4"
  • Wide- 13 1/4"
  • Deep- 3 1/2"
  • The Christ- 9 1/4" x 7 1/4"

  • This lovely retablo/box with a hand carved Christ on the cross was hand painted with off white colors.
  • It is made of rustic wood and hand carved by Esteban Reyes and his family from Ocumicho, Michoacan, Mexico.

  • The Christ is carved in such detail that the Christ almost looks real. Please see close up photos.
  • These lovely retablos are made of pieces of fallen wood or found wood.
  • The artisans then carve the pillars and other details on the wood.

  • You can put the retablo on a table or hang it on the wall. There is no hook on the back but you can just add one.

  • Retablos are important to Mexican folk religion because they are a physical representation of holy images such as Christ, the Virgin Mother, or one of the many thousands of saints. They come from the need humans have to interact on a personal level with divine spirits. Retablos are evidentiary support for communication between the divine and humans.

  • This tradition of retablos was also brought into Mexico, New Mexico and southern Colorado by Franciscan friars. Due to the remoteness of this frontier and lack of metals, retablos were made of wood. These crude retablos were coated with a gesso made with gypsum and rabbit skin glue. Pigments also were made locally from natural materials, colored earths, plant extracts, cochineal bugs, and lamp black.

  • A retablo is a devotional painting, especially a small popular or folk art one using iconography derived from traditional Catholic church art. Typically this includes painting, sculpture or a combination of the two, and an elaborate framework enclosing it.

  • The Latin etymology of the Spanish word means "board behind"

  • Wonderful gift for yourself or to someone special.

  • We will pack your retablo extremely well and insure it.

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