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Contemporary Textile Necklace Mexican Designer Museum Quality Wearable Art #6

$ 124
  • Artist designed, original handcrafted contemporary art jewelry.
  • Measurements of Necklace
  • Total Length- 21 1/2"
  • Wide- 3"
  • Round Collar measurement- 19"

  • This long exquisite necklace has 4 entwined cotton fabric and lovely tassels on the end.
  • This gorgeous necklace has blue hand painted threads going throughout it.

  • Evidence of the pre-Hispanic use of indigo, known in Nahuatl as xiuhquilitl or "blue herb" is used to make the this gorgeous necklace.

  • Along with the blue color, the necklace has hand painted Cochineal red.
  • In fact, cochineal comes from crushing tiny female Dactylopius coccus scale insects that live and feed on the nopal or prickly-pear cactus.

  • Vianney Méndez is a brand of contemporary jewelry and clothing made with local materials in collaboration with artisans from Oaxaca.

  • Vianney grew up in the Oaxaca City surrounded by wonderful culture and traditions. Her interest in art and crafts started at a young age, which led to studying Industrial and Fashion Design in Italy, Spain and the United States.

  • Vianney's wearable art can be found in the best boutiques throughout the world, collectors of fine textile jewelry and museums.

  • Each necklace comes with its own pink or red cloth bag.

  • What an incredible gift to yourself or for someone special.

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