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Vintage Ceramic Figurine Mexican Folk Art Candelario Medrano Décor Red Cow

$ 74.99
  • Ceramic Red Cow

  • Measurements
  • Height- 5 1/4"
  • Length- 7 1/2"
  • Wide- 3"

  • This red kneeling cow was made by award Winning Ceramist and renowned ceramics sculptor Candelario Medrano.
  • The cow was probably part of a nativity because set because the cow is kneeling.

  • Maker of pottery figurines, the adopted son of Julian Acero, Medrano spent the first part of his career making toys such as banks and whistles similar to Acero's.

  • In the 1960s, he met Jorge Wilmot who encourage him to expand his repertoire and gave him the idea of putting his toys onto larger structures, creating arks, apartment buildings, buses and much more.

  • His sculptures, figurines and masks are on display in museums, fine art galleries and in collectors homes.

  • Collectors, ceramicists, artists in unrelated fields, art critics, architects and historians, anthropologists and intellectuals from throughout the world came to purchase his individualistic work from the hands of the "Maestro" himself.

  • What an amazing addition for any collector of Mexican art or for anyone who loves folk art.

  • We will ship your piece extremely carefully and insure it.

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