Tastoan Leather Hanging Mask Hand Painted Ubaldo Macías Bernabe

$ 743.99
  • Mexican Tastoano Leather Hanging Mask.
  • Height- 16"
  • Wide- 8"
  • Deep- 9"
  • Length of horse hair- 28"
  • This incredible mask was made by the award-winning craftsman Ubaldo Macías Burnabe of Tonalá.
  • The mask is marked "Famma" (meaning Family Macias) because both sons and his wife help build this amazing mask.
  • The mask has long black horse hair, leather mask with colorful hand painted features and other adornments (snakes and bugs).
  • His masks can be found in private collectors homes, in government buildings, galleries throughout the world and museums.
  • Ubaldo Macias won first prize in the 1998 Tastoan Mask Competition on the national level. He also took first place in the Roberto Montenegro Competition dedicated to the Mexican Revolution. In the 2010 Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, the artisan was awarded first place in the corresponding art exhibition.
  • This incredible and yet frighting mask is made of leather. Other Materials include horse teeth, animal bone, acrylic paint, lacquer, glue paste, wire, thread, elastic bands and horse hair.
  • No horse or animal was hurt.
  • On July 25, the festival commemorates a battle between the indigenous warriors of the area and conquistadors. The appearance of the Tastoanes, who represent indigenous warriors, conveys their ferocity through sharp teeth, large noses, and snakes, lizards, scorpions and spiders for decorations.
  • During the celebration, tastoanes and either three kings wearing ceramic masks or three Aztec priestesses (one representing the Tonaltec queen Tzapotzintli, also known as Tzuapili or Cihualpilli) walk along a parade route and dance to music carrying swords or whips, after which they make defiant speeches and engage in a mock battle (jugada) with a participant carrying a whip who represents St. James.
  • This is a unique and one of a kind wonderful piece of Museum Quality Mexican folk art.
  • Gorgeous for your home, as a gift or an office.
  • We will make sure that the mask is extremely well packed and is insured.

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