Sterling Silver Necklace/Earring/Bracelet set Hand Made .950 stamped New

$ 1,579.99
  • Artist designed, original handcrafted Traditional/Contemporary art jewelry
  • Necklace Length- 22 1/2" Tear Drop Pendent- 1 1/2" Small Pendents- 3/4" Bracelet- Cuff- Earrings 4" x 1 1/8".
  • This set is a one of a kind piece of jewelry.
  • Alfredo found inspiration for this award winning set of beautiful jewelry while walking through an old building built in the 16 century.
  • Please see photo of what part of the building inspired this set. Poster will be sent to you,  along with jewelry set.
  • These tear drop large filigree earrings, necklace and bracelet were hand made by Award Winning Jeweler, Alfredo Perez Aguirre.
  • Alfredo lives in the town of Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico. Alfredo Perez Aguirre was born in Mexico City, but has deep roots in the town of Jerez.
  • His mother was from here. The family moved back to Jerez when Perez was very young, so he grew up here.
  • His mother was a housewife and merchant and his father worked as a landscaper and landscape architect. However, his father had some creative ability as he did some painting and sculpting.
  • Alfredo's development as an artisan jeweler was almost completely through trial-and-error.
  • Over time, Perez developed both modern and traditional pieces. His inspirations are mostly from colonial Mexico and others that dominate the town of Jerez.
  • One piece that is particularly in demand are his filigree earrings. Half-moon earrings are a common traditional design in central and north central Mexico. In Zacatecas, they are created with the use of twisted fine wires, often with very small accents, like flowers. These are Arab in origin, brought to Mexico by the Spanish.
  • The making of these earrings in Jerez dates back over two centuries. The most traditional of these earrings are done in gold, and about 30% of Perez’s business is in this metal. But silver dominates in part because of cost. (Creative Hands of Mexico)

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