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Mexican Ceramic Girl Figurine Handmade Folk Art Pottery Naftali Ramirez

$ 64.99
  • Mexican Collectible Ceramic Figurine Girl with Pots.

  • Tall- 10 1/2"
  • Wide- 6"
  • Deep- 5"

  • This ceramic girl figurine is carrying 3 ceramic jugs of water.
  • This lovely child figurine was hand made and hand painted by Neftali Ayungua Ramirez.

  • Neftali is from Patamban, Mexico, in the state of Michoacán.

    Neftali is a young man who has mastered the art of making this incredibility detailed pieces.

  • Neftali is son of Tata Tali, Great Master of Mexican Folk Art, has gradually stopped creating the masterpieces he is most famous for.
  • As with most artisan families, he has passed his talent onto his son, Neftali Ayungua. The teacher gifts his son with his age-old talent; while the student quickly masters the creation of the ceramic pineapple art form with his young and skilled hands. Together, in the peaceful mountains of Michoacán, Mexico, they continue to create award-winning pieces

  • His beautiful ceramics are hand painted and hand made...Please see all the hand painted details!

  • We travel to Mexico in order to bring you the best arts and crafts and fine arts.
  • Please note all the details this two piece figurine and table dish has to offer.

  • Add to your collection or start a new one!

  • We will be extremely careful when packing your gorgeous pot and will insure the pot.

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