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Ceramic "Our Lady Guadalupe" Figurine Mexican Folk Art Collectible Irma Blanco

$ 424.99
  • Mexican Ceramic Folk Art Figurine.
  • Height- 13 1/4"
  • Wide- 6 1/4"
  • Thick- 5"

  • This incredible Our Lady of Guadalupe figurine was made by Award winning Ceramist Irma Garcia Blanco.
  • Irma continues her mother's legacy with clay figures that are adorned in natural colors and full of details.
  • Irma began working in 1965, as young as 6, she began helping her mother make these magical pieces.

  • Although Irma only studied until second grade, many of her seven children go to college. Her husband worked in Mexico City as a factory sales person for 27 years, coming home on the weekends. He retired when the factory closed, from there, Irma's concern has been to bring income to the family with the support of her husband.

  • Irma is best known for continuing to make the colorful, flowery dolls/figurines her mother started. These works are profusely ornamented, with the female figures in proportionally short torsos, and with overabundant decorative details.

  • The Madonna/Our Lady of Guadalupe has beautiful flowers which are attached to the heart with wires.
  • The hearts represent the Madonna's shawl.
  • There is an angel at the bottom of Our Lady of Guadalupe feet.
  • The figurine is signed.

  • The colors, which is Irma's trademark, are natural clay and a light orange colors.
  • The gorgeous figurine can be anywhere in your home.

  • Because these beautiful hearts are individually handmade, there will be small imperfections.
  • We will make sure your heart is extremely well packed and insured.

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