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Ceramic Coin/Piggy Bank Mexico Folk Art Handmade Cesar Lucano Submarine Large

$ 249.99
  • Large Ceramic Piggy/Coin Bank.

  • Tall- 12"
  • Wide- 14"
  • Long- 13"

  • Gorgeous and bright colors complete this large coin bank.
  • This quirky submarine has a top the opens with a creature peeking out.
  • The front part also opens up to let you take out the money instead of breaking the submarine.
  • The top also has a sliding piece of ceramic where you can put in your coins.

  • This fantasy piece is a vision from the mind of Award winning Potter Cesar Lucano, grandson of Master potter Balbino Lucano.

  • César Alfredo Lucano Siordia began his current career working in clay by making clay puppets for his nephews. Leaving video games behind, he found an outlet for his creativity in clay and papier-mâché.
  • César is mostly self-taught as his grandfather, a petatillo (cross-hatch design) artisan, passed away when he was very young. He worked diligently for a full year to learn bit by bit how to work with clay and began by making masks, his puppets, or whatever he could think of while researching techniques from all over Mexico.
  • He was saddened by how artisan techniques are being lost and this knowledge inspired him to keep working in clay. Working alone, César designs, creates, and paints his figures. His cycling papier-mâché Catrina won a sculpture contest in Tlaquepaque during the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games. Entitled "Maria the Cyclist". He also won First Place at the 6ª Concurso Nacional del Juguete (Toy) Popular Mexicano 2017.

  • Although he enjoys working with papier mache, he devotes almost all of his time to working and continue his education in the art of clay, mainly making his puppets and alcancías (banks). He uses traditional methods with a touch of innovation, mixing techniques, such as a puppet made of clay painted with acrylics or oils. He also uses the polychromatic (several colors) technique with beeswax or lacquer and adds designs using horsehair, bone, etc., whatever the piece “tells” him it needs. (Ferida Maestro del Arte)


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