New Ceramic Talent in Tzitzuntzan

New Ceramic Talent in Tzitzuntzan

Family Tradition can be a heavy burden and a young man wants to find his place in the world, on his own.  So it was for Miguel Angel Molinero Huipe, grandson of the renowned Ceramicist Emilio Molinero Hurtado, who is featured in the landmark book “Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art”.  Miguel had some talent and skill working in clay, but he chafed under the the burden of family tradition.  So, he left Mexico to seek a better life in the United States, but home was always on his mind.  After five years he returned to Tzintzuntzan, discovered that he was attracted to the potters life and that he had his own voice as an artist mixing the traditional techniques with new designs. 

Miguel Angel Molinero HuipeMiquel is still young and has learned much from his renowned grandfather.  His work continues to evolve and he is very much a growing talent that has been winning awards regularly for more than a decade. He uses Natural Clay, Natural Dyes and makes his own brushes from squirrel tail hair, Old School.  He adds his own design to the shape and decoration, New School.

Wandering Gypsy is glad that we were introduced and that we can bring the work of Miguel Angel Molinero Huipe to your attention.

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