Moises Rodriguez Bautista, The Art of Religion, in Ceramics

Moises Rodriguez Bautista, The Art of Religion, in Ceramics

Moises Rodriguez B

Moises Rodriguez Bautista began working with clay when he was 9 years old. He  has continued to create beautiful ceramic pottery for the last 50 yrs. He is a 4th generation ceramic potter of the Rodriguez Buatista family.

As he worked, he developed a desire to innovate within Barro Brunido (Burnished Clay), wanting to change the designs of the traditional with his own ideas as a contribution to Tonalteca popular art.

Loteria Jar Ceramic Moises Rodriguez B

After working in different workshops and as one 5 of Salvador Vasquez' apprentices, Moises learned the technique of Barro Bruñido from one of the “Great Masters” and studying art books by great masters such as Michelangelo, El Greco and others, being inspired by their paintings helped him develop his own style


Our Lady Triptych Moises Rodriguez

He has worked for 35 years on his style of Barro Brunido, first Mexican Costumbrismo style and then religious art. He started working on these religious designs because it seemed to him that no one had dared to do this in burnished clay and he thought it was something not explored until that time.

Crucifix Sun Moon Moises Rodriguez

His Grandfather, Angel Bautista was a painter in the Mexican Costumbrismo school as well as his Great-Grandfather. There are no other artists in the family now, but perhaps his grandchildren will catch the bug.


Costumbrismo: a style based on the accurate depiction of nature and the simple and precise reproduction of the characteristics and features of local folk life and culture. Costumbrismo understood the aesthetic value of nature and the events of everyday life and introduced simple people into the subject matter of Latin American art.

Moises Rodriguez B Woman candle holder

Moises Rodriguez Mermaid candle Holder
Moises Rodriguez Virgen de la Salud Platter


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