"LUPITA" a doll depicting the Mexican woman in many aspects of life

This ceramic doll is made by a family in Tonala, Mexico. Lupita is a typical name in Mexico and the name is given to each figurine. The family proudly manufactures each figurine by hand and paints them by hand.
Molding parts for a Lupita DollLupita Dolls ready for paintingLupita Dolls in the painting processDetail Painting on a Lupita DollFinal touches are added to a Lupita Doll

Najaco were born in Tonalá, Jalisco in 1992. At the beginning, the family was looking for a way to depict Mexican people's daily chores (especially women) while in their typical outfits. Each figurine shows a woman either going to cut nopals, a seller of apples, vegetables, flowers, birds, the shepherd or the traditional pulquero, thus showing the beauty of the streets of a town.

Lupita Candy Apple Purple

Shepherdess Orange