Gámez Family Ceramic Artists.

Angelica Morales Gámez and her brother, Manuel Morales Gamez, and sister, Leticia Morales Gámez, follow in the footsteps of their mother Doña Ofelia Gámez in producing black and white ceramics. Angelica has been working at her craft for over 18 years and is the fourth generation of her family to continue making black and white pottery.

Angelica Morales Gámez  Angelica Morales Gámez

Angelica lives and works in a small town in Michoacán where she creates old-style Tzintzuntzan pottery with pleasing, simple decorations in manganese black over a background of kaolin white and glazed, these days, with a lead free glaze. She also paints whimsical black and white or color paintings not often seen for sale in galleries anywhere. She has had no formal training in art but for learning from her family how to paint figures on her pottery. Angelica has won much recognition and awards in her life time.  She has had her pottery shown at many galleries and festivals through out Mexico and The United States.